44.1 44.1 estudi de gravació


The control Room, of 55 m2, features natural lighting and air-conditioning. The acoustic treatment is done with RPG Difussors. Being a new construction, designed to be a recording studio, has resulted in a room with optimal acustic conditions.

The main monitoring is done with a pair of Genelec1035A which combined with excelent acoustics create the maximum level ambience when mixing projects. This studio is completely fitted to make 5.1 mixes for films and Music DVDs.

The mixing desk is a Neve VR60 Legend with flying faders, total recall and dynamics per channel. All the periodic maintenance of the desk is carried out directly by Neve technicians from England.

The recording system is a Protools HD3 accel with 32 inputs and 48 ouputs using Apogee and Digidesign 96 I/0 converters.

All equipment that produces any kind of noise is situated in an independent machine room outside de control room.

We also have a System 6000 of T.C. Electronic with 24/96 converters, Lexicon PCM 91, Millenia Media STT1, DBX 165A, TLAudio C1 and so on